CONVULSION MACHINE explores the use of an electrical drawing machine Jamie has designed and worked with an electrical engineer to make. This project explores the use of high voltages passed through human skin to treat severe depression through Electroconvulsive therapy (E.C.T). Jamie has mapped the treatment process of (E.C.T) in stages, each procedure being a drawing. The drawings are made from an electrical corona discharge creating images drawn with light on paper charged with 150,000 volts of electricity relating to the cumulative amount of electricity passed through Jamie’s late fathers body.

Jamie is using drawing as a conceptual strategy. Jamie has produced 60 second electrical ”seizure” drawings relating to the time a patient would be treated with a high voltage electrical charge causing the brain to seizure to treat severe depression.

 Through personal experiences Jamie attempts to understand and unravel what his farther went through by making work and research.

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