Jamie House BA (Hons)  PGCE is a award winning Photographer and artist that explores how memories  and thoughts are stored and shared online. Jamie visualises  psychological states of mind  using  photography,drawing and immersive visual and sound installations.

Jamie’s work questions  can emotions,memories and psychological states be visualised and captured?

Jamie has been guest speaker at the Photographers Gallery London.

To date Jamie`s work has appeared in publicationsand blogs worldwide including:

New Scientist magazine (UK), Daily Telegraph(UK), The Guardian (UK), PHOTO ARTS Book (USA), QUAD book project (UK),PeepContemporary Art Magazine, Ersatz Camera Work Catalogue (CA), SupermassiveBlack Hole Photographic Journal (UK), Blotbook, GUP Photography Journal (NL),Recycle Art Catalogue (BX), London Independent Photography Magazine (UK),Without Lenses (USA),Inscape Magazine (UK) Umter (DE) Excerpt Magazine (AU).

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