Jamie is a awardwinning artist that  explores the use ofhigh voltages passed through human skin to treat severe depression throughElectroconvulsive therapy (E.C.T). Jamie visualises the psychological states ofmind of suffers through  electrical drawings  and immersive visual and sound installations.

To date Jamie`s work has appeared in publications and blogs worldwide including:

New Scientist magazine (UK), Daily Telegraph (UK), PHOTO ARTS Book (USA), QUAD book project (UK),Peep Contemporary Art Magazine, Ersatz Camera Work Catalogue (CA), Supermassive Black Hole Photographic Journal (UK), Blotbook, GUP Photography Journal (NL), Recycle Art Catalogue (BX), London Independent Photography Magazine (UK), Without Lenses (USA),Inscape Magazine (UK) Umter (DE) Excerpt Magazine (AU)

Contact: info@jamiehouse.co.uk
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